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In today’s world of health-consciousness, everyone wants to lose weight, barring those who already are fortunate enough to be slim.

However, how far is it right to wish for losing weight? Well, it’s not actually wrong. But what you actually want is to lose fat.

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Weight loss can be achieved easily – you just don’t eat and weight is lost, that’s it! But unfortunately, it’s the weight of lost muscles and fat, and not only fat.

A successful weight loss is the one that preserves as much muscle as possible or perhaps even gain some, and lose as much fat as possible.

Your body fat percentage and not the weight scale is a major indicator of your success.

Muscle is important for your fat loss success because muscles have small fat-burning powerhouses known as mitochondria.

Mitochondria are organelles inside cells whose function is to produce energy. They metabolise fats.

A positive correlation exists between the amount of muscles in your body and the number of mitochondria. Also the more mitochondria you have, the more is your ability to burn fat.

Can Mitochondria Be Increased?

You can increase the number of mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses in your body by giving your body a reason to form more of them. And this can be done by performing high intensity exercise.

Some methods include HIIT training and weight training. The purpose is to create a great demand of energy, much above what your body can already create.

With an increased demand for energy, your body is forced to form new mitochondria so as to be ready for the next time when your muscles would need that extra energy.

Both muscles and mitochondria are active tissues unlike fat. They require energy constantly to uphold themselves – energy like fatty acids.

This means that with increased number muscles and mitochondria, your body will keep burning fat all the time, even while you are asleep.

Another way is to get a medical procedure done such as coolsculpting or liposuction and take out fat from your body. You can know more about it at or at other cosmetic clinic website.

Stop Worrying about Your Weight

If you use a scale to measure your weight and become sad or happy with the numbers on it, you should not. A scale does nothing else but just measures the force of gravity on your body.

The scale is not capable of telling you if your clothes fit better, neither can it tell if your fat percentage has altered. And obviously it cannot tell if you are looking better.

When you begin dieting and exercise, you should track your progress by measuring your fat loss and not weight loss. Tools like body fat callipers, pictures, measuring tapes, clothes sizes and others’ comments can be more useful to you than a weight scale.

You don’t need to worry about your weight even if it increases. If you look and feel better, you need not give importance to your weight.

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Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle

Thus, if your aim is fat loss, you need to focus on preserving muscle while losing fat. Often people tend to misunderstand dieting by eating too little food and too few nutrients which causes muscle loss.

When your muscles start diminishing, you have to fight a challenging combat to lose fat. This is one of the major reasons of failure of diets.

While you can achieve fat loss with procedures like coolsculpting or liposuction Templestowe by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, you should see to it that you don’t lose muscle.

Make sure you take adequate calories needed for your body size and activity level, those calories should be nutrient-dense and should come from fresh, nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy, tubers and whole grains.

This way you can lose fat and will live a healthy, youthful life, instead of being worried always about your increased weight.

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