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Several men that have issues with the way their chests look ask themselves if they are candidates for gynaecomastia surgery. If you are one of these men, before approaching a physician, you should consider some of the following questions.

Does the shape of your chest bother you to such a degree that you think you may benefit from surgery? Are you conscious of the way your chest looks? Have other people made comments about your chest? Do you try to cover up your chest? When you’re in intimate moments, does your chest interfere with your performance? Are you ashamed of your condition? Have you spoken with family members or friends about your situation?

Weighing in on Your Options

If you answered yes to just one of the questions above, you should very carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of gynaecomastia surgery. Ask yourself if gynaecomastia surgery will improve your physical, psychological and social well-being. Contact the right physician and make sure it is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like man boobs surgery specialist, Dr Andre Safvat.

Take Advantage of the Internet

You should gather as much information as you can about your condition. Now more than ever before there is a great wealth of information available about gynaecomastia. The internet if used correctly can be a useful tool for finding qualified doctors, scientific publications and other individuals who have had similar issues.

It is also easier nowadays to find the right surgeon. A doctor’s website will disclose their published articles, qualifications and, most importantly, their portfolio of before-and-after photographs of past patients. An experienced and skilled plastic surgeon should have an extensive collection of before & afters images of patients with health issues.

You should look thoroughly through these photos and pay close attention to the ones that closely resemble your concerns. Before & afters photos are usually proof of surgeon’s expertise, and based on them and consultation you can create your goals & expectations regarding gynaecomastia procedure.

Making Contact

When you finally find a plastic surgeon that your comfortable with, the next step is to contact him or her to book a consultation. Several skilled and experienced plastic surgeons provide complimentary consultations. These sessions can be beneficial in educating yourself about the condition and determining what your options are.

If you believe that you suffer from having enlarged male breasts and are ready for surgery, the next step is to schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon in the field of gynaecomastia surgery. Your plastic surgeon should guide you and help you along the way. Ultimately, it is you who needs to decide if your ready to move forward with gynaecomastia surgery.

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