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If H-1B application is rejected, O-1 visa may be your life-saving straw

Apr 13, 2019

April is the h1b visa (also known as h1b 签证) application season, and everyone are suffering. Because even if the h1b visa materials (also known as h1b 签证材料) are submitted, there is a certain probability that they will not be able to get it. If they are drawn, they also may be rejected. Without a valid working status, can they only prepare for leaving?

In fact, the most coveted thing is to get the US green card (also known as美国绿卡). However, the US government is getting stricter control over immigration, the application for green card is becoming more and more difficult. At the same time, the green card has a long schedule (also known as绿卡排期), and many people have expired before that.

Do you have considered the o1 visa (also known as o1签证)?

The O-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa for people with special skills in science, art (including television and film), education, business or sports. Since it is a visa for special talents, the standard will naturally be relatively high. You need to prove that you have a top talent in the relevant field!

O-1 does not need to draw lots like h-1b, and there is only one chance in a year. O-1 can apply at any time throughout the year without drawing lots, which avoids a lot of randomness.

O-1 has no strict restrictions on wages and job duties. Employees are not required to have a university degree, so actors, athletes and painters are eligible to apply for an o1 visa.

For the first time, O-1 holders can apply to work in the United States for 3 years. If they can prove that they still need to stay in the United States and the employer is willing to continue to hire them, they can continue indefinitely for one year. They can be extended for an indefinite period of one year.

Holders of the o-3 visa (o-1 family/spouse) can apply to study in the United States and enjoy all educational resources. But spouses are not allowed to work.

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